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The Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society welcomes all interested people to join as member. You will receive notifications for the latest news and events of the Society. There are two types of membership.

Full Member

a) Full Members have the right to vote in the General Meeting and can be elected as Officers and Council Members,

b) Full Members shall satisfy all of the following conditions:-
     i) Specialist in Neurosurgery registered at the Medical Council of Hong Kong; or
     ii) Higher Surgical Trainee in Neurosurgery registered at the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong

Affiliate Member

a)  Affiliate Members have no voting power nor be eligible for any office.  

b)  A registered medical practitioner, pre-registration house-officer, a nurse, a medical or nursing student, or any person working in allied health service, who has special interest in the field of neurosurgery, is eligible to apply for Affiliate Membership.

Application for membership shall be made to the Society in writing or through the Internet with nomination by a Full Member, and the application shall be submitted to the Secretary for approval of the application by the Council and the prepayment of the subscription fee, the person shall become a member of the Society. The Council has full discretion in the admission of members to the Society.

Please do not hesitate to fill in the corresponding registration form and submit it by email to our Secretary

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