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[HKNS Official Statement] Trampoline related accidents

Statement concerning recent "Trampoline related accidents"

The Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society ("The Society") was founded since 1981, with specialist neurosurgeons as members, aiming to promote knowledge on neurosurgical conditions. We noticed that recently there were trampoline related accidents with devastating injuries. From the videos released by the media, players of different ages were allowed to jump and bounce around without any restrictions. It was not uncommon for players to lose their balance and fall without protection, making themselves prone to brain and cervical spine injuries. In severe cases, this can lead to skull fractures, intracranial bleeding, damage to brain functions, quadriplegic paralysis, inability to breathe on their own, coma, or even death.

Trampoline parks should be required to brief all of their guests on safety measures and make sure that each trampoline only has one person at any one time to avoid accidental collision of players. Besides, the Society would like to raise the awareness of the public that these kinds of trampoline activities in an uncontrolled manner can be very dangerous. Such trauma can cause irreversible damage to the nervous system.


香港神經外科學會(「學會」)於 1981年成立,成員為神經外科專科醫生,宗旨包括促進公眾對神經外科疾病的知識。學會注意到最近有與彈床相關的事故造成了嚴重的傷殘。從媒體發布的影片中可以看到不同年紀的用家被允許在沒有任何限制下跳躍和彈跳。用家可能很容易失去平衡並沒有保護地摔倒,令他們頭部及頸椎受創・在嚴重的情況下,這可能會導致頭顱骨骨折、顱內出血、腦部功能受損、四肢癱瘓、不能自主呼吸、昏迷甚至死亡。


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