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Events outside HKNS: 2021 International Web Based Neurosurgery Congress

Registration and Programme

Last year the Center for Research and Training in Neurosurgery (Centro de Investigación y Entrenamiento en Neurocirugía - CIEN) launched the 2020 International Web-Based Neurosurgery Congress (2020-IWBNC). This event was a free-of-charge, three-day, online congress dedicated to neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, residents, and fellows. It hosted 25 internationally-renowned speakers and offered 30 top-of-the-line conferences on the most relevant neurosurgical topics.

The 2020-IWBNC reached 3,096 participants from 125 different countries and registered up to 22,266 live-stream views and more than 9,500 delayed views on our YouTube channel. The entitled paper Developing a Web-Based Congress: The 2020 International Web-Based Neurosurgery Congress Method, recently published on World Neurosurgery (DOI:10.1016/j.wneu.2020.12.174), describes the method, global impact, and success of the 2020-IWBNC.

This year we proudly announced a new edition: the 2021-IWBNC (May 27th-29th, 2021). More than 30 speakers have already confirmed their participation, including Michael Lawton M.D., Christopher Ogilvy M.D, Jacques Morcos M.D, Theodore Schwartz M.D, Rokuya Tanikawa M.D, Atul Goel M.D, Hugues Duffau M.D., Rod Oskouian M.D, and Mitchel Berger M.D. Furthermore, the 2021-IWBNC will offer two novel academic modalities: e-poster video presentations and a pre-congress course.

We invite you and all the members of the Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society to participate in this virtual global educational experience.

Visit our website for free registration and further information.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!


W. Mauricio Riveros, M.D., MSc Professor of Neurosurgery Director, Center for Research and Training in Neurosurgery (CIEN) Chair, Neurosurgery Department, Samaritana University Hospital Chair, Neurosurgical Service, Mederi University Hospital Rosario University School of Medicine Cra. 8 # 0-29 Sur, Bogotá, Colombia Email: Phone: (+571) 4077075 Ext 10472

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